Tiny database layer for PHP


What is Neevo?

Neevo is a very small, fully object-oriented database abstraction layer for PHP. It's open-source and released under the terms and conditions of the MIT license.

Neevo simplifies your daily work with databases – you can use the same code across various supported SQL database systems without noticing any differences. Thanks to the use of PHP's object-oriented features, manipulating with databases was never simpler then now with Neevo. Do not bother about SQL injection attacks, Neevo handles this too.

As simple as…

include 'Neevo/loader.php'; // Load Neevo

$db = new Neevo\Manager(    // Connect to database
    'driver' => 'SQLite3',
    'file'   => 'database.sqlite'

// SELECT * FROM users WHERE role = 'admin';
$result = $db->select('users')->where('role', 'admin');

// Walk through the result...
foreach($result as $admin){
  echo "$admin->name - $admin->mail \n";

How to get started?

Here are some steps you can follow:

  1. Read the Documentation and the Public API, see the presentation
  2. Download Neevo or fork it on GitHub
  3. Try it, play with it, and use it for your next project
  4. Report any issues or pull your feature requests to our issue tracker.
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